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WNYcx Series Racing

At the first annual Cyclocross Promoters Summit held at Tony Rome’s in January 2013, there was discussion about creating a race series that would connect each of the individual races currently held in Buffalo and Rochester.

Goals for the 2013 series:

  • standardize categories using USAC format between races to permit series scoring.
  • create a points scoring system for series scoring.
  • seek sponsors to provide prizes for the series winner.
  • improve participation at all races by raising awareness through the series and web-site.
  • create a leaders jersey to be worn each week or to be won by the series winner.
  • create a promotional T-shirt with events and sponsors.

However, there are a number of logistic and political challenges that remain to be resolved:

  • get all promoters to adopt USAC permitting.
  • get more racers to purchase annual USA Cycling licenses instead of one-day licenses.
  • find sponsors for the series that don’t conflict with existing independent promoters sponsors.

If you have solutions to these issues, share your opinion on our contact page.


Mountain bikes and cyclocross

Mountain bikes are permissible and welcome at cyclocross races, as long as they do not have bar-ends (also called extenders or cow horns) attached to the bars. While there are always a few mountain bikes at every cross race, the majority of riders use either cyclocross specific bikes or modified road bikes.

So we’d like to hear from all of the WNYMBA and GROC mountain bike racers: Would you attend a CX race if there was a separate mountain bike race? Typically, most cyclocross races in WNY have been two-start events, with 11am and 1pm starts. Since mountain bikes run slightly slower than road bikes, they might be more suitable for starting with the womens and single speed events.

Creating a third race start at 9am for women, single speed and mountain bikes (each with their own starting time, 1 minute apart) would relieve the congestion from the larger 11am category 4 race, and would create the opportunity for mountain bikes to have their own race start. For the more ambitious, it also creates the opportunity to double up and enter two different races at the same event.

Visit our FaceBook page “” to participate in the poll we’ve posted about this issue, or use our contact page to send us your opinion.

Cyclo-cross T-shirts

Buffalo cyclocross

My Pit Bike is a Six Pack — Buffalo Cyclocross

2/12/2013: From our North-of-the-border friend ‘Canada’ Mike House:

New idea for Buffalo cyclocross T-shirts. We consider these shirts perfect for starting a two-city rivalry with Rochester!

2/15/2013: T-shirt update

Mike reports discussions with Ethan Johnson (Campus Cycling Collective/Campus Wheel Works) about a revised T-shirt. The new plan may include some sponsors and revised artwork along with the domain name.

Emedco donates tape to promoters

David Van Horn, a category 3 cyclist and Manufacturing Engineer with Emedco has made available to promoters a number of rolls yellow tape, suitable for marking out cyclo-cross courses.

Recently, a product line of marking tape was targeted to become obsolete. Dave found out about the initiative and was able to procure 33 miles of yellow “ATTENTION” tape–not quite the same as “CAUTION,” but close enough! Emedco is glad to donate this material to the cycling community to support sanctioned events and training sessions for kids and adults alike.

Emedco is a safety company that provides signs, tags, labels, banners, and personal protective equipment (PPE) and specializes in custom applications as well (“your own words, here!”).

Pre-Race Announcements

Prior to the start of each race, the race official or race promoter is encouraged to read a standard list of announcements. This list is provided as a starting point for a pre-race check-list. Competitors are encouraged to read this list and learn these issues to help get the best experience from the event. 

Official’s pre-race instructions:

This race is for the following categories: group x will start first, group y will start 1 minute later, group z will start 1 minute after group y.

The race duration is approximately x minutes.  The lap counter will not display laps until the leader has completed two laps.

There is an equipment pit which is clearly marked.  You may enter it from (one or two) side (s).

You may not go backward on the course if you have passed the pit exit. You must continue forward until you reach the next pit entrance.

You may not cut across the course to enter the pit

You cannot leave the course and get equipment or aid outside of the pit area

You must exit on the same side as you entered – you cannot use the pit to cut the course.

A bell at the start/finish will sound when the leader has one lap remaining.

Riders who see 2 laps to go and are subsequently lapped by the leader will not hear a bell

All riders finish on the same lap as the leader, regardless of laps completed.  Lapped riders remain in the race, though the official may elect to remove riders who are at risk of being lapped by the leaders in the finishing stretch.  Riders so removed will be given an appropriate placing.

All riders will finish on the same lap, regardless of how many times you may have been lapped by the leaders.

Feeding is or is not allowed.  Feeding is only allowed from within the pit or at a marked area on the course.

Results will be printed and posted within 15 minutes of the last finisher.  All riders should check their finish placement during the 15-minute protest period.  All results are final at the conclusion of 15-minute protest period.

Podium awards will follow the conclusion of the protest period.  Your race is awarding prizes NN deep today.

You must wear your helmet when riding your bicycle, until the conclusion of all races for this event.  Offenders subject to a fine and/or DQ from or not being allowed to start their respective races.

Riding on the course during other races is not permitted.  Offenders may be relegated to the rear of the field at their respective race start or DQ’d or not allowed to start.  Riders may ride BEHIND a race so as to not interfere with the racers, and they should not cross the finish line.

If you are unable to finish, proceed to the start/finish and inform the official that you are DNF.

The race will start in 1 minute (check watch)  Announce 30 secs, 15>> Whistle can go at any time–Try to get very close to the minute, then keep the group offsets correct at 1 minute each. Surprise starts should be avoided.

USA Cycling: Permits, Licenses and Cyclocross is the national governing organization for cyclocross racing. For cyclocross, there are 5 categories. For 2013, new racers start in category 5, while racers that held USAC licenses prior to 2013 will be assigned to category 4. Canadian riders with a UCI license do not need to purchase a 1-day USAC license, but their results do not qualify for USAC points.

Permitting a race through USAcycling provides the benefit to racers of gaining upgrade points for their license. For a promoter, the permit must be issued through a local USAcycling club. Starting in 2014, USAC licensed Race Directors can permit races without a club.

In Buffalo, USAC clubs include: Buffalo51, D’Youville College, Queen City Cyclists, Buffalo Bicycling Club and East Aurora Racing Club. In Rochester, clubs include: GVCC, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT.)

For a complete list of clubs, visit the club listing page for New York state.

In addition to issuing a permit, USAcycling can also provide the insurance for an event.