Mountain bikes and cyclocross

Mountain bikes are permissible and welcome at cyclocross races, as long as they do not have bar-ends (also called extenders or cow horns) attached to the bars. While there are always a few mountain bikes at every cross race, the majority of riders use either cyclocross specific bikes or modified road bikes.

So we’d like to hear from all of the WNYMBA and GROC mountain bike racers: Would you attend a CX race if there was a separate mountain bike race? Typically, most cyclocross races in WNY have been two-start events, with 11am and 1pm starts. Since mountain bikes run slightly slower than road bikes, they might be more suitable for starting with the womens and single speed events.

Creating a third race start at 9am for women, single speed and mountain bikes (each with their own starting time, 1 minute apart) would relieve the congestion from the larger 11am category 4 race, and would create the opportunity for mountain bikes to have their own race start. For the more ambitious, it also creates the opportunity to double up and enter two different races at the same event.

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