2014 GVCC Classic: Bloomfield Road Race results

Chip timing and photo results for the 2014 Bloomfield road race were provided by Jon Rosen Systems using RFID chips from J-Chip USA and J-Chip equipment owned by the Buffalo Bicycling Club. Results produced from CrossMgr software are posted on www.Results.WNYcx.com.


In addition to lap times, digital pictures were taken of every rider on every lap and have been posted in albums for each race category on the GVCC Genesee Valley Cycling Club FaceBook.com page.  Results are also posted on BikeReg.com and USAcycling.com.


Results for Everyone

Many of the cyclocross races in WNY have adopted CrossMgr for scoring and results. CrossMgr relies on entering bib numbers every lap to calculate the average lap speed and predict the remaining number of laps.

This detailed lap data provides the basis for a complete picture of the race, showing every riders performance in every lap. This is a big departure from previous methods of scoring, where only the leaders on the last lap were recorded. With all this extra data available, racers can think about races differently:

  • lap data allows lower ranked racers to mark their opponents and compare their performance to peers.
  • gap data shows how far ahead the next racer is by time and distance.
  • lap data allows racers to see if they are getting faster from learning the course or slower from fatigue.
  • compare results between different events on the same course to see if your performance changes on the same course.
  • lap data also shows which riders took chances in a break, and how long the break was maintained.

Having lap data is like getting a chance to look at the cyclocomputer of your competitors and the race leader, giving you wider insight into the entire race. You can find results from some races on http://results.wnycx.com


Progress on WNY cyclocross series

Over the summer of 2013, Ed Sitarski (the creator of CrossMgr software for scoring cyclocross races) released SeriesMgr, a separate software program for scoring race series. SeriesMgr automates the job of combining results from multiple races. SeriesMgr can link to results produced with CrossMgr or an Excel file with race results. However, for the series results to be meaningful, the categories between separate races must be identical.

For an example of the SeriesMgr results, view this link for the 2013 races that were scored with CrossMgr:


For 2014, races scored with CrossMgr will be added to the series results and posted at each event.

Proposed 2014 WNY cyclocross events

The following are proposed and tentative dates for 2014 events. These events have not been permitted or confirmed and are subject to change. Promoters are encouraged to share their preferred date and venue at the first opportunity to lessen the chance that any two events will conflict. Where dates are specified, they are based on prior year events being held consistently on the same date.  Events will be added to the calendar as they receive their 2014 USA cycling permit number.

Sunday, August 31: Knox Farm CX, Frank Mesi.

Friday and Saturday, September 5 & 6: Highlander Cycle Tour at Bristol.

Sunday, September 7: Parma CX, Scott Page/FMV.

Sunday September 14: Buffalo Ski Club, Jamie Hallett.

Sunday, September 21:

Saturday, September 27: NEOcycle Cleveland, Edgewater Park CX.

Sunday, September 28: NEOcycle Cleveland, Wade Oval Criterium.

Sunday September 28: Cowbell CX VIII at Burgoyne Park, St. Catharines, Nathan Chown.

September 28th: Webster Park, Scott Page/FMV.

October 5th, Sprague Brook Park CX, John Roden.

October 11 and 12: Ellison Park UCI CX, Scott Page/FMV.

Sunday October 12: Ellicottville Fall Festival MTB race, Mack Lawrence.

October 18: Ossian Giant Gravel Grinder Race at Swain/Erich Dobson and  Dave Silloway/The Bike Zone.

October 19:

Sunday, October 26: Halloween Cross at Camp Arrowhead, Andy August/Park Ave Bike

Sunday, November 2: Cross in the (Delaware) Park, Ethan Johnson/Campus WheelWorks

Saturday, November 8: Long Acre Farms Corn Maze Cross, Gregg Griffo.

Sunday November 9: Hamburg Fairgrounds, Tom Weichmann/EARC+TBS.

Saturday, November 15th: Kissing Bridge North, ski swap weekend; no event.

November 16: Cobbs HIll, Scott Page/FMV.

Sunday November 23: Turkey Cross at the Victor Apple Farm, Dave Ferrett.

Sunday, November 30: Open

Proposed 2014 categories

Compiling the race results from 2013 into a series highlighted the issue of categories. Many promoters created similar but not identical categories.


Consistent categories are a requirement for scoring a series.  The following categories are proposed for 2014 races. Each of the following categories would be scored separately and started 30 seconds apart.

Race 1, 45 minutes:

  • Masters 40+ and Masters 50+ (combined start, separate scoring).
  • Women 1-2-3 and Women 4 (combined start, separate scoring).
  • Single Speed and Junior U16 (combined start, separate scoring).

Race 2, 45 minutes:

  • Category 4
  • Category 5/one-day/citizen.

Race 3, 60 minutes:

  • Category 1-2-3
  • Category 4.

For the first race, both Masters 40 and 50 would be started together, all Women started 30 seconds later, and U16 with single speed started last. For the Masters 40+ and Masters 50+, these would be open to all categories rather than limited to category 3/4 racers.

For the second race, category 4 and 5 would be split into two separate scoring groups, allowing category 5 and one-day racers a podium opportunity. These groups would be started 30 seconds apart ensuring they line-up separately. Category 5 men would include both licensed and one-day riders.

For the last race, the Category 1-2-3 combination would yield a larger field than Category 1-2 alone, while the category 4 racers would start 30 seconds later.

Apart from the Ellison Park/UCI event with 300+ riders and Delaware Park with 200 riders, all other WNY CX races attract 85-115 riders. The proposed categories above would be suitable for all WNY CX races except the Ellison Park/UCI race. Conversely, the WNY CX races would not benefit from adopting the category structure used at Ellison Park/UCI.

Proposed 2014 Race Day Schedule

Between 2012 and 2013 there was a 30% increase in attendance at all WNY cyclocross races. These larger fields prompted promoters to switch from 2 events to 3 events per day, moving the Cat 4/5/Citizens group into a second 45 minute race. However, most promoters did not score the Cat4 and Cat5 separately.

For 2013, most promoters followed this format:

Race 1: Masters Men 40+, Masters Men 50+, U16, Women 1-2-3, Women 4, Single Speed. No one-day licenses.

Race 2: Category 4, Category 5 and one-day/citizen scored together.

Race 3: Category 1-2-3-4 in various combinations: Cat 1/2 and 3/4 or Cat 1/2/3 and Cat 4.

While the three category format was an improvement, there were some inconsistencies between promoters, mostly in the 3rd Cat 1/2/3 race. These inconsistencies became obstacles to providing a series result for the WNY races.  Also, some racers found it appealing to enter two or three races, raising the possibility of an Enduro award for the fastest overall 2-race and 3-race participant.

Proposed 2014 schedule:

10am, 45 minute race: MM40 and MM50, 30 second gap, W123 and W4, 30 second gap, U16 and SS.
10:45am; leader finishes
11am; last rider finishes, scoring starts: review DNF and check for missed laps.
11:05am scoring finished, results printed and posted. 15 minute protest starts
11:20: protest period ends, podium awards start
11:30: kids race starts
12pm kids race ends

12pm, 45 minute race: open Cat4, Cat5 (includes citizens and one day licenses)  with 30 second separation.
12:45pm leader finishes
1pm last rider finishes, scoring starts: review DNF and check for missed laps.
1:05 scoring finished, results printed and posted, 15 minute protest period starts.
1:20pm protest ends, podium awards start

1:30pm, 60 minute race: open Cat 123, open Cat4 with 30-second separation.
2:30pm leader finishes
2:45pm last rider finishes, scoring starts: review DNF and check for missed laps.
3pm protest ends, podium awards start.

Jump Start Registration with Call-Ups

Pre-registration for events can become cause for anxiety, with promoters and racers watching the attendance numbers slowly climb. Typically, only half of the racers are registered with one day to go before an event, with the other half registering on the last day.

Adding call-ups to the first 16 riders in each category is an effective way to jump-start registration for an event. Riders are motivated to sign up early when call-ups are assigned in registration order.

Sites like BikeReg.com make implementing this feature easy, since riders can be sorted in order of registration before bib numbers are assigned. At the race start, an announcement is made inviting the first 16 riders to advance to the front.