How much does a cyclocross race cost?

Cyclocross races require substantial planning, labor and money to be successful. As a fundraising or for-profit venture, they are not ideal events for making money. While a well run race with 100 racers may net up to $1000 in profit, a basket theme-tray or raffle can make $10,000 with less effort!

For estimating race sizes, can be useful for finding the history for comparable events previously held on the same day or location.

For new promoters planning their first cyclocross event, here are some typical costs to consider:

  • Event day Insurance: $200
  • Caution tape: $225
  • USA cycling official: $100
  • Broken stakes: $100
  • Prizes and medals: $600
  • Bibs: $75 or free if using bibs supplied by
  • Supplies: $25 (pins, tape, printing forms, signs, etc.)
  • Timing services: $150
  • Food and drinks for volunteers: $75
  • Optional rental fee to land-owner/venue.
  • Optional: $150 for neutral race support from VeloNRS or bike shop support fee.
  • Optional stake rental or purchase.
  • Advertising expenses.

Assuming an expense of $2000 and 85 riders at $30 each, an event can net $500 or more.

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