Proposed 2014 categories

Compiling the race results from 2013 into a series highlighted the issue of categories. Many promoters created similar but not identical categories.

Consistent categories are a requirement for scoring a series.  The following categories are proposed for 2014 races. Each of the following categories would be scored separately and started 30 seconds apart.

Race 1, 45 minutes:

  • Masters 40+ and Masters 50+ (combined start, separate scoring).
  • Women 1-2-3 and Women 4 (combined start, separate scoring).
  • Single Speed and Junior U16 (combined start, separate scoring).

Race 2, 45 minutes:

  • Category 4
  • Category 5/one-day/citizen.

Race 3, 60 minutes:

  • Category 1-2-3
  • Category 4.

For the first race, both Masters 40 and 50 would be started together, all Women started 30 seconds later, and U16 with single speed started last. For the Masters 40+ and Masters 50+, these would be open to all categories rather than limited to category 3/4 racers.

For the second race, category 4 and 5 would be split into two separate scoring groups, allowing category 5 and one-day racers a podium opportunity. These groups would be started 30 seconds apart ensuring they line-up separately. Category 5 men would include both licensed and one-day riders.

For the last race, the Category 1-2-3 combination would yield a larger field than Category 1-2 alone, while the category 4 racers would start 30 seconds later.

Apart from the Ellison Park/UCI event with 300+ riders and Delaware Park with 200 riders, all other WNY CX races attract 85-115 riders. The proposed categories above would be suitable for all WNY CX races except the Ellison Park/UCI race. Conversely, the WNY CX races would not benefit from adopting the category structure used at Ellison Park/UCI.

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