Welcome to the site for Western New York cyclocross (CX)  and fat tire bike (FTB) racing, featuring events in Buffalo and Rochester. In addition to listing all cyclocross  and fat tire bike related events in WNY.

For 2015, the cyclocross promoters of WNY have joined together for a multi-race WNYcross series with awards. 

WNYcx.com and WNYftb.com are not a club or a team. Instead, its a collaborative site for promoters, sponsors and competitors to share and organize information about cyclocross and fat tire bike events in Western New York.

Look through the events for some new venues and some old favorites. The WNY cyclocross season starts after Labor Day and ends around Thanksgiving, with FTB racing spanning the winter from Thanksgiving until the start of sprint road racing. Our region offers great races on varied courses, weekly practice opportunities and events for children and families every weekend.  Cyclocross is a sport for all ages and abilities.

Peter Mogg

Peter Mogg, Canadian Provincial Cyclocross Champion


We’re interested in hearing from people that can help document the history of cyclocross in Western New York. If you have attended an event, or if you are a promoter with a history of events, please send us a note on the contact page and we’ll add the years of your event to the history list. Fat Tire Bike racing had its inaugural season in 2015, with the first all-FTB race held in the Town of Sweden on January 31st, 2015.

About Cyclocross:

Cyclocross has been a unique cycling discipline for over one hundred years. There are well documented races from Belgium from the early 1900’s, and many other regions have developed long standing cyclocross events. Typically held in the fall after Labor day and continuing through Thanksgiving, cyclocross lap races are typically 30-60 minutes, much shorter than most road races.

While they are mass start events with drafting (following closely) allowed, there is little or no drafting among riders. Instead, most racers ride at their own pace. Cyclocross rules require that after the race leader is finished, everyone else passing the finish line is done racing.

They can be raced using a mountain bike or a road bike modified with different tires and brakes. Events are very spectator friendly and accessible due to short course lengths of 1 mile (2km.) 

About Fat Tire Bikes:

Fat tire bikes are defined as bicycles with tires 3″ or wider. While the bikes have been around for many years, with companies like Surly and Felt popularizing the brand, they started catching on in 2014 in WNY.  The wider tires open up opportunities for riding in softer ground that are impossible to ride through on a traditional mountain bike, cyclocross bike or 29-er mountain bike.


If you are promoting a cyclocross event in Buffalo or Rochester, you are encouraged to share your event date and details for inclusion on the WNYcx.com site. Promoters are encouraged to co-operate and share resources for their events, with the goal of building a race series that ties races in Buffalo and Rochester together for a grand series champion award. The USA Cycling Rule Book provides an entire chapter on rules for cyclocross.

Purpose, Mission and Goals:

  • provide a web-site with a comprehensive list of cyclocross racing and training events in WNY.
  • help promoters co-ordinate schedule planning through the use of a web-site event calendar.
  • provide support for series scoring and standardization of classes between races.
  • provide a web-site for storing race results from CrossMgr for promoters without a web-site.
  • develop commercial sponsors to promote and support a cyclocross series.
  • raise the visibility of cyclocross to competitors, promoters and sponsors.
  • share best practices and resources for promoting cyclocross events.
  • support new cyclocross promoters.