Results for Everyone

Many of the cyclocross races in WNY have adopted CrossMgr for scoring and results. CrossMgr relies on entering bib numbers every lap to calculate the average lap speed and predict the remaining number of laps.

This detailed lap data provides the basis for a complete picture of the race, showing every riders performance in every lap. This is a big departure from previous methods of scoring, where only the leaders on the last lap were recorded. With all this extra data available, racers can think about races differently:

  • lap data allows lower ranked racers to mark their opponents and compare their performance to peers.
  • gap data shows how far ahead the next racer is by time and distance.
  • lap data allows racers to see if they are getting faster from learning the course or slower from fatigue.
  • compare results between different events on the same course to see if your performance changes on the same course.
  • lap data also shows which riders took chances in a break, and how long the break was maintained.

Having lap data is like getting a chance to look at the cyclocomputer of your competitors and the race leader, giving you wider insight into the entire race. You can find results from some races on


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