Cyclocross Practice

Cyclocross rewards athletes that are both fit and trained. While fitness comes from a season spent on the road bike, that’s not enough to prepare for the technical challenges of completing a cyclocross race course. Fortunately, there are several promoters in Buffalo that have organized cyclocross practice.

In the City of Buffalo, organizes cyclocross practice in Delaware Park.

In the Southtowns, Tuesday night practice has been held in several locations, including Emery Park in East Aurora and the upper lodge area of Buffalo Ski Club on Lower East Hill. While the upper area of Buffalo Ski Club has proven to be steep and unlit, for Fall 2013 the lower area trails will be used. Use the entrance between Davis Rd. and Knapp Rd. on Route 240 in West Falls.

These events are typically posted on and require payment in advance for insurance purposes.

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